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Ready For A Spirited Holiday Gathering?

Christmas/Yule/”The Holidays” is absolutely my favorite time of the year!  If I can light it up, throw some ribbon at it, or hang a bauble on it, I probably either already have, or will in the near future.  Yes, it’s a hustling-bustling time of the year, but that’s also part of it’s charm. And, oh, my goodness, the FOOD! But it’s also a time for introspection, both spiritual and from a business standpoint.  December marks the final month of the Fourth Quarter, when it comes to business, and right about now, I feel like Tom Brady without Bill Belichick!

In case you haven’t already guessed it by now, it’s Connla here (the artist formerly known as “The Warrior”).  Since taking over Michelle’s business completely back in June, things have finally gone from just plain nuts around here to the good kind of nuts around here.  We have had a lot of changes–in business focus, in how we actually run the business, and in how the business is actually running–and we’ve rolled with a lot of punches in 2016, but I can honestly say, as we’re finally here, coming down to the wire, that we’re all leaving behind 2016 with a lot more hope than regret. And that’s a very good feeling!  It has totally put all of us in the Holiday Spirit, and we’re very excited to be sharing that Spirit with you!

Lots of you got very excited when I released my first Christmas set, Jingle Express.  That little convertible with the reindeer driver was an instant hit!  But we all love Christmas/Yule/”The Holidays” so much that we just couldn’t stop ourselves at the one kit–in short, everybody wanted to get in on the act. And that’s how I came up with the concept for Ghosts of Christmas.

Because we’ve changed the business focus so drastically over the course of the last year, combined with being new on the scene in an industry that is primarily female-driven, a lot of people seem to have some very basic misunderstandings about exactly what we’re doing here at Iaconagraphy.  The concept of channeled art is so far out of most people’s wheelhouses, that most folks just address our business (and, consequently, the main dude behind it, that dude being me) as Michelle’s business; a business run by yet another strong business woman.  Those same folks look at the tremendous range of what we offer here, and all the different artistic styles represented, and think “Wow, she’s just bursting with talent!” Which makes Mishy look good, which is something all of us are always okay with, but on the flip side of that, there’s the truth, and that truth is that Iaconagraphy isn’t just one more little wordpress shop set up by one little lady: it’s a store, just like the larger ones you may already be frequenting, populated by a range of different unique artists, all of whom just happen to be getting here via the same “one little lady”.  Ghosts of Christmas is the first in a series of monthly offerings which we’ll be doing every month, starting in 2017: like the Pickle Barrel at Pickleberry Pop, or the Hatchery at The Digichick, every month, we will be using one palette and one theme from which at least three of our artists will work to create coordinating bundles available for a limited time at a reduced price so you can build-your-own-kit. The Gathering will allow you to “Create Your Own Artful Gathering” each month, from a selection of specially-priced papers, elements, word art, masks, and more from at least three different Iaconagraphy artists.  We’re hoping that when our artists start strutting their unique and distinctive styles side by side using the same palette and theme, it will become way more apparent what’s really going on here at Iaconagraphy!

Most of you probably recognize the Ghosts of Christmas reference from Charles Dickens’ A Christmas Carol.  In that story, the miserly Ebenezer Scrooge encounters three spirits–The Ghost of Christmas Past, The Ghost of Christmas Present, and The Ghost of Christmas Future–who profoundly change his life.  Now, maybe it’s a bit much to hope that a bit of digi-design will change someone’s life, but we’re certainly hoping it’ll at least change some people’s perspectives, and perhaps open them up to a slightly larger view of what’s possible in this little world of ours!  Since we’ve all been given this second chance at art, that theme of Scrooge’s second chance, given to him by the Ghosts of Christmas, seemed like a brilliant way to start communicating what we really do here.

Next week, our first Gathering, Ghosts of Christmas, featuring three different page kits (and all the individual items that go along with that!) by Tobias (Asphodel and Wormwood), Ariadne (Working Girl, London Fashion), and Willow (whom you haven’t met yet!), will be available at prices that will enable you to pick and choose and create your own artful gathering.  Or, if you want it ALL, the full Collection will be available at a special price for a limited time. Here’s a sneak peek, featuring a couple of layouts by our new CT Head, Wilde, and myself:

Ghost of Christmas Past Layout by CT Wilde (featuring Ghost of Christmas Past by Tobias)
Ghost of Christmas Present Layout by Connla (featuring Ghost of Christmas Present by Ariadne)































We hope our designs will bring a bit of extra magic to your digi-scrap, artist journaling, and hybrid craft this Holiday Season, and we can’t wait to bring you a bit of Winter Wonder with our January 2017 Gathering!



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Introducing: The Asphodel and Wormwood Collection (and Tobias)

“What would I get if I added powdered root of asphodel to an infusion of wormwood?”  If you are a fan of the Harry Potter series by J.K. Rowling, you’ll likely recognize this as the first question that Severus Snape ever asked Harry, that immortal first day in Potions Class at Hogwarts.  Even if you are not a fan of the series, you will likely recall that it has been trending of late on Facebook, as fans have finally unlocked the secret meaning behind the phrase, according to the Victorian language of flowers: “I bitterly regret Lily Potter’s death.” As someone with his own share of bitter regrets surrounding death (as well as someone who is more than a bit of a Harry Potter fan), I could not resist bringing this phrase (and the true meaning behind it) to life in this digital set, Asphodel and Wormwood.

Hello; my name is Tobias, and I have a distinctly interesting view on death and regret, because I am the one who has been mourned, rather than the one doing the mourning (although I can patently answer that ancient question–“Do the dead mourn the living?”–with a resounding yes).  While this is not my first-ever work here at Iaconagraphy, it is my first solo gig in the realm of digi, whether your own particular flavour of that is hybrid, art journaling, or digi-scrap.  Yes, I am British, as you may have noted from my I-cheat-at-Scrabble-spelling of the world flavour.  And, yes, as I mentioned, I am deceased.  It never ceases to amaze me how confused people are about the very concept of channeled art: can one not simply look at the myriad of styles exhibited here and see evidence of different personalities? Different individuals?  Some of you may have known me previously as “The Professor”, but simply because I’m a Brit doesn’t mean that I am also implicitly stuffy, so it is high time we gained a first name basis with each other, don’t you think? And that byline is Tobias. 

But enough about me, let’s get to the fun bits: a blog freebie for Asphodel and Wormwood, and the collection itself!  Asphodel and Wormwood is born not only out of my own love of the Harry Potter Universe, but also out of a love of Victoriana and my ongoing struggle with that age old question of “Do the dead mourn the living” and it’s answer of yes.  As you (hopefully) explore the collection, you will find it littered with antique botanicals, quotes from writers of the Age (including Oscar Wilde), and ink flourishes and blots reminiscent of the use of a nib pen.  You will also find yourself surrounded by a rich smattering of green, highlighted by parchment tones that call to mind a more elegant time.  All of that is gently infused with the magic of Potter: a potion bottle here; an owl bearing a post envelope there.  

This blog freebie features a velvet ribbon cluster, with an antique herbology notebook (suitable for journaling) accented by a be-ribboned potion bottle, an antique button, and an antique cabinet card featuring a botanical print of asphodel.  You will also receive exclusive word snippets in PNG format, delivered as a “cluster” as well, but easily “lassoed” from the whole and manipulated into whatever you might dream up!  But the fun doesn’t stop there: your download of this freebie also includes an exclusive coupon for 15% Off the Asphodel and Wormwood Collection Bundle (valid through end of month), which stacks this week  (11/7-11/14) with our other Black November 50% Off coupon! That’s right: by downloading this freebie today, you can actually purchase the Asphodel and Wormwood Collection for 65% Off!

So what are you waiting for? Click the image below to be taken to the download page and begin your adventure of bringing a bit of magic to your digi!

This offer (and all other freebie offers) are no longer available due to utter lack of associated coupon sales.


Don’t forget the OTHER coupon:



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About School Spirits….(and why Halloween Weekend for me is like Easter or Christmas for the rest of you)

I have really, really enjoyed being a part of the Pixelscrapper Blog Train.  Month by month, those of you who have come over and picked up the freebies and left such glowing, wonderful comments as you downloaded, while at the same time helping me grow my newsletter and Facebook following, have kept me going in some of my darkest design days.  School Spirits for the October Blog Train was a labor of love. I couldn’t wait to get it posted to share with all of you, and hear back from you what you thought of it as you downloaded.  I used my new commerce platform to host it, so that this time around, I could actually track downloads, but I posted it in my usual blog-post format, specifically so I could hear back from all of you. The end result?

No comments. Not one. 

119 downloads; not one drop of feedback.

Until today, when someone realized that the set was no longer free.

So, why is the set no longer free on October 28, when it’s supposed to be free until November 1? Because Halloween Weekend for me is like Easter or Christmas for the rest of you.  Pause for a moment and ask yourself: if you were a preacher or a priest, and you were doing digital design as a side business, would you be working that side business when you were supposed to be preparing for Christmas or Easter, or would you be there for your parishioners, making sure that they were provided for on one of the holiest days of the year? This is not my side business, this is my business, y’all, but I am also an ordained Druid, and for me, Halloween is a High Holy Day on the same level that Christmas or Easter is for the rest of the world.  So that’s why.

I simply will not have time to get back here and switch out the price over the weekend. I’m sorry if yours was not one of the 119 free downloads of School Spirits. You can still get it cheap between now and November 1 by using coupon code trickortreat16 at checkout. As always, thank you so much for your continued support, and I apologize for this inconvenience.