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Michelle Iacona is a 40-year-old author, digital artist, and poet currently living in the dark, misty nowhere that is the countryside of North Carolina. If you will navigate to the left, you will find samples of her collected writings, as well as links to purchase her current published works.

The art of Michelle Iacona can be enjoyed by navigating to your right. Within this area you will find not only galleries, but also the shops where you can purchase fine prints and other paraphernalia featuring original artwork by Michelle Iacona--much of which centers around fantasy, science fiction, and paranormal themes. Also within this area you will find a section dedicated to the ebook cover services which she provides: if you are a self-publishing author who is seeking high quality cover work at reasonable prices, you have finally found what you are looking for!

Whichever direction you initially choose, please return here, to this main page, and also explore the other side of Michelle's world: sometimes, her life is a circus, it's true, but circuses are always much more fun with a live audience!

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