Druid Animal Oracle: Your Personal Totems

If you hail from a background or Sacred Path that is primarily Celtic or European (Irish, Scottish, Welsh; Wiccan, Neo-Pagan, Druidic, Asatru/Heathen) and have always wondered with which totem animals you should be working, this spread is for you! In addition to revealing your two primary totems (Mother-Protector and Father-Protector), it will also show you the animals that govern, guide, and guard the areas of Spirituality, Your Inner Child, Personal Truth and Goals, Wise Communication, The Otherworld, Grounding, and Sacred Space. The process for performing this type of spread is dramatically different than the process for doing a typical Tarot spread; much more spiritual investment is required from me, as a Reader. I focus myself completely on you–on the essence of you as I know you–light a candle, spread the cards, and then pull them one by one, not by shuffling, but with all of the cards fanned out before me, by using psychic energy.  I then sweep my hand across the cards with my eyes closed, so that I remain focused on YOU, and wait to feel the psychic pull towards one card or another.  These are then laid out in order, until all of the cards have been pulled, at which point I begin the process of interpretation.  From beginning to end, this is basically a mini-shamanic-experience that I am having for you, my client.  It is emotionally and psychically draining, but it is SO worth it in the end when a client truly values what they learn from such a reading and actively puts it to work in their lives!  You will receive at least a 10-page, full-color PDF that not only tells you about your animals and how they guide you and are at work within you, but also provides detailed ideas for bringing these energies more deeply into your life, via visualizations, magickal tools, and magickal workings/prayer. A follow-up counseling session via email will also be available.  Channeled readings are available from The Mystic, via Michelle Iacona. If you would prefer to take this journey with my Spirit Guide, The Mystic, please check the box in the submission form when ordering; if you want to stick with me, simply leave that box unchecked. (These involve me acting as a medium; please read more about that here.)

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