You know you’re on a set path in your business, but where is that path heading, and what obstacles might be ahead? This 4-card mini-spread will help you gain a clearer view of your overall journey, show you what is keeping you on your present path (or if you need to step off of it!), any obstacles and roadblocks which might be ahead, and your final destination (if things remain as they presently are).  This spread can be a great way to gauge whether or not your present path is the right one for you or not.  It can also tell you if things are about to head south, if you don’t change your present focus.  You will receive a full-color, image-rich PDF (which is suitable for printing!) that is at least four pages long and includes further advice (which may include a Tarot Visualization prepared especially for you) on how to better maintain your present business path, or how to switch gears, when that is necessary. A follow-up counseling session via email will also be available.

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