Celtic Cross: Business Edition

CELTIC CROSS: Business Edition $25 BEST SELLER!

“Thank you so much for the reading! It was awesome! That was my first professional reading, and a great experience. It helped me see what I need to do to make my business better. Also, thank you so much for the extra links and offering your advice. It means more than you know.”–DJS

An in-depth spread, consisting of 10 cards, which explores not only your present, but also your past, and your future, with a specific focus on your business! This detailed spread also allows for a deeper look at your Self, and at how you interact with Others, and your Hopes and Fears, and will provide a glimpse into how you operate within your business, putting you back at the center of your business world. You will receive a full-color, image-rich PDF (which is suitable for printing!) that is at least six pages long and includes further advice (which may include a Tarot Visualization prepared especially for you) and valuable links that I’ve used to grow my own business, to get you moving towards the future you so richly deserve! A follow-up counseling session via email will also be available.

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