Decisions, Decision Spread

Having a really hard time deciding between two or three life paths or other choices? I’ve got a spread for that, too! Not only will it give you the challenges, opportunities, and outcomes of each of your choices, it will also help you understand why you’re having a hard time making this decision in the first place. Please specify the EXACT nature of your choices when ordering (example: Take the job at A; Take the job at B. Example 2: Should I focus on choice A, choice B, or choice c).  You will receive a full-color, image-rich PDF (which is suitable for printing!) that is at least nine pages long and includes further advice (which may include a Tarot Visualization prepared especially for you) on how to get your choices working for you in your life, so that you can make your future a brighter place.  A follow-up counseling session via email will also be available.

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