Celtic Cross

An in-depth spread, consisting of 10 cards, which explores not only your present, but also your past, and your future. This detailed spread also allows for a deeper look at your Self, and at how you interact with Others, and your Hopes and Fears, and may be done as a General Overview. If you have a specific question you would like to ask the cards, you can do that as well. Just be sure to include that in the form below when ordering!  You will receive a full-color, image-rich PDF (which is suitable for printing!) that is at least six pages long and includes further advice (which may include a Tarot Visualization prepared especially for you) to get you moving towards the future you so richly deserve! A follow-up counseling session via email will also be available.  Channeled readings are available from The Mystic, via Michelle Iacona. If you would prefer to take this journey with my Spirit Guide, The Mystic, please check the box in the submission form when ordering; if you want to stick with me, simply leave that box unchecked. (These involve me acting as a medium; please read more about that here.)

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