Relationship Celtic Cross


“Thank you! You have given amazing insight and advice.  It is haunting how spot on this reading was! You have a real gift.  Thank you again! Your gift has been a huge blessing!”–E.W.

“Thank you so much!  I will certainly use your services again!”–M.S.

An in-depth spread, consisting of 10 cards, which explores not only your present, but also your past, and your future. This detailed spread also allows for a deeper look at your Self, and at how you interact with Others, and may be done as a General Overview of your Relationship Landscape.  This Relationship-focused version of the traditional Celtic Cross is my ALL-TIME BEST SELLING spread!  You will receive a full-color, image-rich PDF (which is suitable for printing!) that is at least six pages long, as well as further advice (which may include a Tarot Visualization prepared especially for you) to help you get the most out of your love life.  A follow-up counseling session via email will also be available. This reading will be done by Taliesin.

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