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Are you ready to start a deep inner dialogue, and start changing things for the better in your life?

Do you need insight into a particular situation so that you can see how YOU fit into the equation, and/or deal with less crap?

I offer one-on-one Channeled Tarot and Oracle Card Readings via email on Thursdays ONLY, between the hours of 9AM and 2PM EST. All of your options are available on the tabs below (hover over the link that brought you to this page).  You’ll find readings conveniently organized into specific areas of help for you: Self-Discovery, Business, Problem-Solving, and Relationships. Choose the spread (or spreads) that you feel will work best for you! (And don’t forget to check out my Seasonal Specials and Past Life Readings, too!)

Got questions about how this stuff works or my level of experience? You might want to read this page, and check out my Ethics and Privacy page, too!

Our hearts are right here, waiting to talk with your heart, via the cards.  We look very forward to working with you and for you as we walk the path into this much larger world together!