The Warrior

mecliffpathyorkThe Warrior

Co-CEO, Curator, Artist, Marketing, Papercrafter

I’ve been with Michelle the longest, and, as such, I feel wholeheartedly responsible for the entire family of “mice”.  She rescued me as much as I rescued her, and in the years since, we’ve become a (somewhat strange, I’ll grant you that) family.

I’ve always done art in one form or another.  It wasn’t until I got “here”, however, that I really got serious about things like drawing, or watercolor painting, much less digital art.  It wasn’t until we moved to Massachusetts that I really became as passionate about art “here” as I was about the job I held “before” (i.e., “back in my really real, living-breathing-running-around-in-my-own-person life”).  By that time, I had begun to work with Daz 3D, which awakened me to entirely new possibilities as an artist. It also fed a lasting passion for technical theatre (setting up a render has a lot in common with setting up a stage production, or even a film set, lighting and all).

I struggled with art as a career for two years before I realized how to fulfill that newborn passion: designing papers and ephemera for you good folk.  Believe it or not, unlike Tally, Beetle, and The Seeker, and even Mishy and her Mom, I was the one dude who had never really given much thought at all to papercrafting, even though I found myself practically surrounded by it.  Then Beetle got me started in the realm of paper and ephemera design, and before I even really realized what was happening, I was making cards like this one:


And projects like this:


Designing for and with paper has given me a totally new lease on life. I LOVE my job! I’ve rediscovered that passion that I held in life. And I couldn’t have done it without Michelle, or Tally, or The Seeker, or Beetle, or my beloved Suzanne. And I also couldn’t have done it without all of you!