Explore Your Past Life With Me and the Tarot!

Have you ever wondered who you were in a past life?  Have you often wondered what effects any past lives you might have had are having on your present lifetime? Then we may have just the reading for you!

We have been involved in past life exploration for twenty-seven years.  That doesn’t make us some sort of guru, it just means that we might know more about this topic than your average bear.  As with all things, we are constantly learning new stuff–maybe we can do some of that together!

Yes, Mishy was a queen in one of her past lives, but your experiences may differ.  In fact, they probably do (and, in many ways, we hope for your sake that they do!). Contrary to the stereotypes put forth in the media and elsewhere, not everyone was someone famous in a past incarnation. It’s actually far more likely that most people were just your average “everyman” in their past incarnations, the same as today, just in a different time period, with different issues and different sets of problems and opportunities.  If you’re going into this hoping that it will be revealed that you were Napoleon or Cleopatra, you are probably going to be highly disappointed. On the other hand, if you go into this hoping to learn from a past incarnation so that you can grow and thrive in this present one, then you’ve come to the right place!

It’s okay to be a Christian and still believe in the possibility of past lives. Michelle identifies largely as a Christian, too, and she’s been exploring this reality for years.  In fact, we wholeheartedly believe that to say there is no such thing as reincarnation is effectively limiting God: who are we to say what He can and cannot allow to happen?

Our past life spread consists of eleven cards and your Significator–the card that represents YOU and keeps YOU at the center of the reading–that will explore one of your past incarnations’:


Early Years/Childhood




Social Status


Family Life


Culminating in two cards which will tell you the lessons learned in that life, and the way that life affects your current life.

The reading itself cannot pinpoint the specific time period, location, or individual identity in which you lived in your past life.  However, if there are lessons learned and effects on this current lifetime that are positive and affirming, we can use the clues from your reading, in conjunction with your personal resonances in an attempt to develop a more fully realized picture of that incarnation during your counseling session (via email).

Personal resonances can be as mind-boggling as actual deja vu, or as simple as an attraction to nineteenth century literature.  A resonance is exactly that: something that resonates with you on a deeply felt personal level.  For example, do you get butterflies in your stomach when you see images of the Tower of London? Or do you get all giddy and gooshy when you see Edwardian clothing styles?  Maybe you have an irrational fear of bridges, drowning, or being stabbed? All of these things can be fingers pointing towards the details of your past incarnation.

We do not perform past life regressions as a part of this service!  However, if that is something you’d like to dive into, we can point you in the direction of some great resources, or, if what we’ve uncovered is less than positive and affirming, we’ll help you find the tools within you to lay that stuff to rest for good.

So, come explore with us! Book a past life reading with Taliesin for $30 today!

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