About Us

Ollamh Michelle Iacona

Michelle Iacona is the owner and driving force behind Iaconagraphy.  A practicing Pagan for over 20 years, on a path which combines Red Path Shamanism (Native American), Welsh Reconstructionist-Derived Druidry, Catholicism, and Romantic Heathenry, she has also been a practicing medium since 1994.  She is not a trance medium; she’s a shamanic trans-medium, which means she literally “steps out of the way”, and lets a spirit take over completely:

” I am a shamanic medium, which means I literally step out of the way, and let someone else take over completely, to the point of voice changes, mannerism changes, handwriting changes, and everything else.  The intangible becomes tangible again–through me.  This is not a service that I perform on cue for the living–no, I will not bring your dearly departed grandmother ’round for tea.  This is something that I do to help “them” (my set group who has been with me over the past twenty-three years), as much as they do it to help me. I am not the Mishy Psychic Friends Network, nor am I the Psychic On Demand Channel. This is not something I do as some weird sort of “psychic performance art”. This is for me, and for them. It’s perfectly symbiotic; in no way, shape or form as glamorous as it may sound to some people, and not dangerous to any of the parties involved, because I know what I’m doing. (Which is my way of saying, as they do on TV shows like Jackass: “don’t try this at home, kids!”)”

Michelle carries a BA in English with Emphasis on Creative Writing from Saint Andrews University in North Carolina, and a minor in Ethnomusicology with Emphasis on Asian Musics.  She gained her ordination as Ollamh in September of 2015.  Winner of the Bunn-McClelland Chapbook at Saint Andrews in 1993 for Carnavale, she has self-published several works, and also has experience as a teacher of both creative writing and art.

A psychic reader since the age of 15, Michelle boasts 30 years of experience with Tarot cards, various oracle decks, and Norse runes (Elder Futhark).  She has read professionally “off and on” for the past two years, and has continued her study of the esoteric arts in classes conducted by such important names in the field as Laurie Cabot, Christopher Penzcak, and Michelle Belanger.


Connla Freyjason  

Connla Freyjason serves as CEO of Iaconagraphy, and is the “presiding spirit” currently “horsed” by Ollamh Michelle Iacona.  A practicing Pagan for the last twenty years, he was raised Buddhist/Taoist with a strong Protestant backbeat.  Over the course of the last twenty-four years of his afterlife, he has explored various Pagan paths, including Wicca, Kemeticism, and Welsh Reconstructionist-Derived Druidry, before settling into his own definition of Reconstructionist-Derived Heathenry: Norse Witchcraft, or Heidhrinnry.  In 2017, he was initiated as a General Member of Christopher Penzcak’s Temple of Witchcraft in Salem, New Hampshire.

A lifelong artist, Connla has been an actively employed digital artist for 16 years, with work hosted under Michelle’s name and under his own at Cafepress, Red Bubble, and Zazzle, as well as here on this site.  

Author of Norse Witch: Reclaiming the Heidhrinn Heart, due for release in Spring 2018, Connla hopes to write a series of books on Heidhrinnry (Norse Witchcraft).  He is also the primary author of the Iaconagraphy blog.

A dedicant of Freyja, he has been a practicing vitki since 2016.  Sporting twenty years of experience with Norse runes (Elder Futhark) and various oracle decks, he is also an experienced reader of Mah Jong tiles, as well as a practitioner of certain aspects of seidhr.  Currently experimenting with the use of Tibetan singing bowls in the practice of healing galdr, he prefers to “think outside the box”, even as he practices the Ancient Ways.