Seasonal Tarot and Oracle Card Specials!

Keep this page watched for special readings available throughout the year, using either Tarot or various Oracle Cards (Druid Animal Oracle, Medicine Cards, Animal-Wise TarotKuan Yin Oracle)!

Available NOW!

(Available now through February 15th, 2016)
Whether you celebrate Pagan New Year (Samhain; “Halloween”), Occidental New Year (December 31), or Asian New Year (February 8), this spread will get you ready for the coming year, showing your obstacles and pitfalls, triumphs and successes, and providing guidance in what you should celebrate or avoid. It is a 12 card spread, beginning with the month in which you receive the reading (for example: your reading is done in September, therefore your spread will cover September, 2015, through August, 2016).

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