About the Artist

In many ways, I am an accidental artist.  By that, I mean that being an artist was never my original destination; I just sort of “happened” into it.  I’ve been sustaining myself financially with artwork at Cafepress for many years (and by sustaining myself, I hardly mean “bill-paying money”–I honestly mean “money I don’t have to ask someone else for”, i.e., my husband), but it never occurred to me to actually seek to be an ARTIST.  I’ve always considered myself a writer first, and everything else was just “icing”.  Then, one day, it occurred to me:


I’ve made far more of a “name for myself” with art than I ever have with writing.


It also occurred to me, quite out of the blue, that art was one of my truest passions–I spend far more hours in a day, every day, creating beautiful things visually than I do crafting beautiful things with words.

Since this realization, I have “branched out” from my work with Paint Shop Pro (with which I have been working for over fourteen years) to brave new worlds with Daz3D.  I have also broadened my horizons in other ways, opening shops not only at Cafepress, but also at Zazzle and, most recently, at Red Bubble. I find myself every moment of every day aching to share this newfound side of myself with the world, not just for financial gain anymore, but so that others can have a glimpse into a more beautiful and fantastic world…..


Thus, I invite you to come with me, into a world where faeries flit and mermaids really swim beneath the sea; where you might make friends with a unicorn, or sit by the fire and listen to tales from a vampire…or an alien….or….

…just imagine!

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