Hi, I’m Michelle

Is your life drab? Have you forgotten what it means to whimsy? Are you not even sure what it means to whimsy in the first place?

I am a digital artist, ordained Druid Minister, writer, and Tarot Professional who helps people with drab lives find beauty again, so they can remember to whimsy!  And what does it mean, “to whimsy”?  It means to have a humorous disposition, no matter what obstacles you’re facing; it means living an extravagant life, even when your finances say otherwise. By extravagant life, I mean living fully and fulfilled–to be fanciful in the face of adversity, and to be playful instead of full of worry. Whimsy-ing means being open to odd or fanciful notions: having an open mind and heart. Wouldn’t you love to get back to that YOU?

Get to know me as a Minister, Artist, Writer, and Professional Tarot Reader, and then come join my tribe so we can get to know each other even better!