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The Starving Artist

I was born a writer, with a penchant for the artistic. For the past seven months, I have done everything that I can think of to get myself noticed in the colorful world of digital art, but I often feel that all I am doing is banging my head against a very beautiful brick wall.

Yes, I have maintained shops at Cafepress with some marginal success for the past ten years, but with their recent changes to margin percentages from their fan portal (and other affiliates), I have taken a hit of phenomenal proportions.  I’ve also scaled the wall that is accepting myself as an ARTIST, and not just someone who designs t-shirts and things for the sake of financial survival—for those of you out there who might be reading this who have also scaled that wall, you know precisely what I’m talking about: the view from the top of it is gorgeous and limitless, but it’s a helluva thing to scale in the first place, and the potential drop on the other side is terrifying!

Lately, it feels as though it’s all drop, and no limitless view.  Even the view is giving me vertigo….I can’t be the only one who has ever taken this journey, reached this point, and felt as though the world fell away?Melpomene: Muse/Fae of Tragedy

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Red Bubble Day!

I have literally spent the entire day uploading my shop at Red Bubble with tons of new stuff for all of you to enjoy. I have to confess my personal favorite, however, is this one:  Wilwarin.Wilwarin

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Step Right Up for the Strangest Show on Earth!

In between trying to dive back into my Mermaid Tarot (pun definitely intended), I have been struck by some rather odd Fae Inspiration: what if faeries hosted a circus?  Circus Circus (featured below) is the first in what I plan to be a series centered around what would surely be the Strangest (and most enchanted) Show on Earth!

Circus Circus