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Iaconagraphy Sabbatical: July 26, 2017-September 21, 2017

Most people who take a sabbatical at this time of year (end of summer) do so to go on vacation–to go to the seashore and perhaps go swimming, or go to the mountains for an extended hike, or what have you–but for some of us, such rests are necessary so that we can actually get things done.  That is the case for me.  This time away is nothing so glamorous as a trip to the beach, although hopefully the end result of it will be a home where we can live constantly reminded that the Ocean, and Her Gods and Goddesses (Njordr, Freyja-Mardoll, Ran, Aegir, the Nine Waves, and Nehalennia), are never very far away from us. 

Most of you are aware that we’ve spent the entire summer embroiled in the real estate “shenanigans” of selling our house and procuring a new one.  Well, we are now at that crucial point of packing up our lives and moving them (and their “souvenirs”) to a new home.  That is going to require quite a bit of work on my part, so I will be taking time off from this business from today (July 26, 2017) through September 21, 2017, so that I can take care of the business of getting us packed, moved in, and unpacked in a timely fashion.

Njordr has been a primary and guiding force for me, through this entire “debacle”.  I never really realized how much selling one house to move to another has in common with fishing until I was deep in the heart of this situation.  When a fisherman casts a line or a net, he doesn’t wiggle or worry that line or net; he waits patiently.  Sure, he puts in all of the hard work of baiting the line and reeling in the catch at the end, or of setting the net and hauling it back in, but during that in between portion, he simply waits. Patiently.  Patience is not one of my better virtues, I’ll be honest.  But I’ve learned a lot about the hope and faith that patience actually requires through undergoing and enduring this process.

So it is with that same hope and faith that I beg your patience, while I am away for the next couple of months.  I may occasionally, as time permits, still post art and musings both here and at Facebook , so please, don’t give up on me!  I’ve cast this net, and I would very much appreciate coming back to find it still full of Wonderful Peeps!

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A Very Fishy Challenge

I love a challenge.  I also love being inspired to think outside my usual areas of interest, and that’s precisely what the Simon Says Stamp Monday Challenge this week led me to do!  It’s been years since I’ve been fishing, though I have had it on my mind a lot of late, since creating Walden Wood Essentials at the beginning of August.  As luck would have it, the Simon Says Stamp Wednesday Challenge this week was to create a square card; something I’ve been dying to do anyway. Put the two together, and here’s what happens:




I began by cutting my blue cardstock to 5 1/2 x 11, and then scoring at 5 1/2 with the Martha Steward Mini Scoring Board (if you don’t have one yet, definitely invest!).  I then printed out all of my Iaconagraphy Essentials papers and the Mr. Fish Freebie and fussy cut three small fish from the 8 x 8 Walden Woods Paper 4 cardstock, the Mr. Fish Freebie, and the sentiment and small blue border from Walden Wood Essentials Sentiments. Punch smallest holes possible in heads of small fish with We R Memory Keepers Cropadile. I then applied Glossy Accents to the fussy cut pieces and let dry overnight (four hours usually does the trick when you lay it on as thick as I do, but better to be safe than sorry!).


Cut the two 5 x 5 pieces of Walden Woods Essentials Papers 4 and 5 free from their sheet of paper, and then cut Paper 4 approximately 1/2″ smaller than Paper 5.  Distress the edges with Tim Holtz Paper Distresser.  Glue onto front of blue cardstock 5 x 5 card. Set aside.


Cut an 8 inch piece of thin floral wire. Begin shaping into fish-hook shape. Cut a second 1 1/2 to 2 inch piece of floral wire and bend to create barb. Twist barb onto end of hook.  Create loop at top end of hook, leaving approximately 6 inches of wire. Begin wrapping excess wire around feathers to attach them to the hook. Continue wrapping until all wire has been used and feathers are securely attached. Set aside.


Punch small hole in upper left corner of card (through front only!). String small fish onto baker’s twine, tying tiny knots between fish. Form twine into loop and insert both ends back through the card so that the fish hang from the loop on the inside, and twine hangs free on the front. Loop front end of twine through fish hook and secure with double knots.


Attach large red fish in center of card using pop dots/foam tape. Adhere sentiment in lower right corner using a tiny dab of Glossy Accents at either end. Color edges randomly with a coral colored pencil.


Fold Glossy-Accented “water bar” (the blue thin border from Walden Woods Sentiments) in half  and then cut at center so you have two pieces. Adhere one at the top and one at the bottom of the interior space of the card using tiny droplets of Glossy Accents.




The finished card would be great for any fishing-folk in your life, whether for Birthday, Thank  You, Father’s Day, Mother’s Day, or Just Because.  I had an absolute blast making this one!


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